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News > Fresh finance deals for Iran worth 30 Billion Dollar

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Fresh finance deals for Iran worth 30 Billion Dollar

Fresh finance deals for Iran worth 30 Billion Dollar

Iran expects to clinch foreign finance deal worth a collective of about $30 billion in the near future.

“Deals worth $29 billion to $30 billion will be signed with four European countries and an Asian country in less than a month,” said Mohammad Khazaei, the head of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran.

Khazaei said the funds would be attracted from Austria, Denmark and Italy, adding that negotiations with Japan “will most probably lead to a deal in the next few months”.

He further stressed that Iran would elevates its relations with international lenders and facilitate its planned foreign finance deals.

Last week, Iran signed its biggest credit line deal in recent years with South Korea’s Eximbank. It provids as much as €8 billion in loans to finance various projects by South Korean companies in Iran.

This, as Governor of Central Bank Valiollah Seif wrote in an editorial, was specifically important for international partenership with Iran after years of sanctions.

“As a result of the tyrannical and illegitimate sanctions against the country, not only the provision of new credit lines to finance the construction and production projects of the country was stopped, but the repayment of some of the former loans was also hampered by the disappearance of payment channels,” Seif wrote in his editorial in the Persian-language newspaper Jahan-e Sanat.

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